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No High Fences, Longrange Shooting, Free Range Animals.


The Team of Agarob Hunting Safaris invites you to a Rewarding Experience of Hunting and to full fill your African Dream. We want to share the best of Namibia and what Africa has to offer. Namibia the Land of Majesty and Legends, with Wide open spaces, Breathtaking scenery and Great contrasts – Ocean, Dunes, Mountains and Deserts. With its rolling dunes and swirling mists, Namibia stirs the Spirit and moves the Heart. Shining stars at Night and cloudless Skies during the Day. With its great Diversity of Wildlife and Landscapes Namibia is the ideal place for a Hunting and Photographic safari.
Families are welcome and we take great pleasure in assisting and introducing your children, the next generation Hunters, to the world of Ethical and Traditional Hunting on Horseback.

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    Windhoek, Namibia


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